Sunday, 31 May 2015

Keeping in Touch

Dear friend

As I have been elected to Parliament I have decided to step down as a Hounslow Councillor and I will no longer be able to use this email.  I have enjoyed representing Brentford Ward and playing a leadership role on Hounslow Council, but the MP role is a full-time one.  It is right that another person is elected to the Brentford ward team and this will happen in due course.


Meanwhile here are some ways to keep in touch with me, and my colleagues.  To contact a Brentford Ward Councillor on

local issues, particularly those that the Council is responsible for, then email: Myra Savin and Mel Collins   


If you would like me to keep in touch with you on my work as an MP, please sign up for my newsletter on my web-site by clicking here


If you need to contact me, my email address is for local issues and casework, or for policy, diary and press contacts.


With best wishes



Ruth Cadbury

Member of Parliament for Brentford & Isleworth

Tel: 020 7219 8590


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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

WHERE TO FIND ME - Facebook/Ruth Cadbury -Brentford & Isleworth Labour

Please note that I no longer post on this web-site - but am active on my Labour Party web-site and my Facebook Page: Facebook/Ruth Cadbury - Brentford & Isleworth Labour
looking forward to hearing from you.

My email address is:


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Selected by party members to be Labour's Candidate in 2015 Election

At West Thames College today party members selected me to stand against MaryMacleod in the 2015 General Election. Thank you to everyone involved.  It was a hard campaign, with strong candidates: Sam White, Murad Qureshi, Puneet Grewal and Nisar Malik.

More later .  . .   time to eat.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bus Improvements from S106 (Planning gain) funding

We will soon see improvements to the 235 and 267 bus routes following planning gain deals with developers and a Hounslow Cabinet delegated decision;
The Wallis House/Great West Quarter provided £620,338 to fund a Sponsored Route Agreement with London Buses to extend the 235 (from Feltham) will go all the way through Brentford and up Ealing Road to the Great West Quarter, .
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel development at Syon Park provided £174,780 to fund a Sponsored Route Agreement with London Buses to increase the frequency of bus route 267 in the evenings (Monday-Sunday) from three to four buses per hour.
Both of these improvements are due to take place this year.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Racist Grafitti etc in Brentford Recently

I am saddened and angry to find that after many years without racist graffiti in locally, I am aware of at least 2 incidents  in the last 2 weeks. The first just off Green Dragon Lane, when an offensive note was left under a resident's windscreen telling him to move his car from where he always parks outside his home.  His car's registration plate was also defaced with a marker pen. This was reported to the police who are investigating.

Then on Saturday in Lion Way, behind the High Street, a large "EDL" was written on the wall and the Lion Way sign defaced, again all done by marker pen.  This was cleaned up within 2 hours of being reported to Hounslow Highways.

I have raised this with the borough police and the hate crime team base at the Treaty Centre.  The issue is being discussed at the Brentford SNT Panel on Thursday night.

Please keep a look out for offensive messages of this sort, and report them to the police,, and let local Councillors know as well.

We cannot let this abhorrent behaviour go unchallenged.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ed Miliband and Labour Conference - the Prime Minister in Waiting

Ed's Miliband's conference speech showed he's the leader this country needs and I'm glad I voted for him.  He built on the One Nation theme of last year by delivering real substance and putting clear blue water between himself and Bullingdon-boy Cameron.  The freeze in gas and electricity prices will be really welcomed by the many thousands of people locally on low and middling incomes whose cost of living is rising and who are seeing little benefit of the so-called economic upturn.  Free nursery places, cutting business rates for small businesses, 200,000 new homes per year, repeal of the hated Bedroom Tax, raising the minimum wage, and an integrated health and social care service are all concrete, and deliverable promises.

Ed's focus on the inclusive society was nailed with votes for 16 year olds and the 50% target of women elected as Labour MPs.  

A strong list of real policies that will make a difference to people's lives, and to the country. From a leader with bold ambition and leadership skills that I know will impress people on the doorstep and ensure Labour wins in 2015.